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Ultimate School Management System

Multi School Management System

Multi School management system is basically used for manage educational institution like school, college, universities etc. Specially for manage multiple school from one system/server. Clean, modern school management system with an integrated content management system. The interface is very simple to use and very clean for a better user experience.

In combination with a strong CMS, Global PHP Script does not require any separate CMS or system for the management of your site at your school. .

The system consists of 6 different kinds of users with a range of functions and a dynamic permission system. This system can be managed as you want. For your institution, I am sure that Global Script is the best choice..



System summary shown on the home page. Total number of Student, Teachers, Parent and Staff are being shown in the dashboard. Number of students present today, recent events and expenses of present month are also being shown in Dashboard.

Multiple Admin Support

Multiple Admin Support

  • Admin
  • Student
  • Admission
  • Teacher
  • Teacher Permission
  • Parent
  • Accountant
  • Librarian

  • Academic


  • Daily Attendance
  • Class Routine
  • Subject
  • Syllabus
  • Class
  • Classroom
  • Department
  • Subject
  • Event Calendar

  • Exam


  • Marks
  • Exam
  • Grades
  • Promotion

  • Accounting


  • Student Fee Manager
  • Expense Category
  • Expense Manager

  • Back office

    Back office

  • Library
  • Book List Manager
  • Book Issue Report
  • Session Manager
  • Addon Manager
  • Noticeboard

  • Authorized user Features

    Authorized user Features

  • Can create/generate id cards for: student, teachers & employees.
  • Can manage daily attendance for: students, teachers & employees.
  • Can manage attendance email/sms.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view assignment for students.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view exam grade, term, schedule information & exam suggestion for student.
  • Can manage student exam attendance.
  • Can manage exam mark via Sms, Email,
  • Can send exam result via SMS, Email
  • Can manage exam term result & final result.
  • Can manage student merit list, mark sheet & result card
  • Can promote student one class to another class.
  • Authorized user Features

    Authorized user Features

  • Can create/edit/delete employee designation/information.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view leave type information.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view/ approved/deny leave application
  • Can create/edit/delete/view teacher, class, section, syllabus and study (material) information.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view class routine information.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view information for: guardian, student type, student info.
  • Can manage student online admission information.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view student activity.
  • Authorized user Features

    Authorized user Features

  • Authorized user can change color theme.
  • Can create/edit/delete and configure language.
  • Can create/edit/delete academic year.
  • Can create/edit/delete user role.
  • Can update/setting user role permission.
  • Can update/manage other users.
  • Can update/manage user credential.
  • Can update/manage super admin users.
  • Can reset users password.
  • Can create/edit/delete email / sms template.
  • Can delete/view users activity logs.
  • Can publish/unpublish guardian feedback.
  • Can take system database backup.
  • Can create/edit/delete front office visitor (purpose, info, call logs, postal dispatch, postal receive).
  • Authorized user Features

    Authorized user Features

  • Can create/edit/delete/view Certificate Type & generate Certificate
  • Can create/edit/delete/view library book, member, view e-book.
  • Can manage issue & return library book.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view vehicle and route of Transport as well can manage transport member
  • Can create/edit/delete/view hostel, hostel room, hostel member.
  • Can manage general sms &email.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view complain, notice, news, holiday & event.
  • Can create/edit/delete/view frontend page & slider.
  • User can view/update self profile information.
  • Guardian can view/payment for her/his child.
  • Admin (Owner) Login
    Back-end user access

    Admin (Owner) Login

    To access the back-end area of this demo site, use this account credentials:
    • User name: demoacvilla
    • Password: demoacvilla
    Our Services.

    Powerful features

    Very Organized & Developer friendly code

    Fully ACL (Access controll list) Based.

    Module base Featured

    RTL (Right to Left) Supported

    Unlimited language support.

    School configuration using School settings under Admin and Super Admin.

    Payment methods/options configuration settings under Admin and Super Admin

    SMS gateway configuration settings under Admin and Super Admin.

    Email SMTP configuration settings under Admin and Super Admin.

    Super Admin can create/edit/delete School.

    User can view/update self profile information.

    Guardian can view/payment for her/his child.

    Complete, ready to use system *price per year.

    Sales price: 2490,00 €