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Graphic reports

Display Graphic Statistics and reports

Our Invoice Manager is compatible with Content Statistics (sold separately), a handful extension that allows to display graphic charts and reports for your Invoices.

This useful extension will complete your invoicing information for a full report for your business or personal site. You will be able to make beautiful, colorful and interactive graphics (HTML5 and SVG) to display things like:

  • Number of invoices created
  • Number of payments received
  • Payment grossing over a period of time (e.g. how much money did I collect in September?)
  • Payments over due date
  • Payments pending to be collected
  • Total money generated or invoiced
  • Money that your clients owe you
You can display this information using our handy filters:
  • "only paid payments"
  • "only payments within due date"
  • "pending payments"
and of course you can use all the timeline filters:
  • Yearly statistics
  • Monthly Statistics
  • Daily statistics
and an endless of graphic possibilities to render your reports:
  • Area charts
  • Bar charts
  • Step charts
  • Line charts