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User access, ACL

In Expense manager, we have included an ACL (access lists) system to give or revoke privileges to the groups of Joomla so defining what can a user group do, by putting users to this group, the users will automatically have the privileges of their group.

To configure the ACL, you only need to go to the backend's Expense Manager configuration and within the Permissions tab, allow or deny privileges to the desired group of users.

The option by default is that registered users can create, edit and view their items. The super user and managers can create, edit and view their items and all other users items.

The option we recommend is that registered users can create expenses and only edit or delete their own expenses. On the other hand, managers and super users should be able to see and edit all expenses of the system.

Differences between Normal version and Extended version

In the ACL types of permissions, there is one called "See all items of any user, filter them and access the administration interface". In the extended version, users only see their items unless they are managers or admins and this option is selected. In that case, they can filter the expenses of the list by username. But in the normal version, all users see all expenses. No matter who created them and there isn't the option to filter the expenses by creator.