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CSV and Excel export

Many times you will want to export your website invoice data into some desktop tool like Excel, Numbers for the Mac or similar.

To facilitate this, we provide a very useful export function that will allow you to obtain your list of invoices or payments, including totals, subtotals and taxes, into a CSV format file that you can easily import in any application

Export only what you need

You don't always need to export all the data. Probably you will be making exports at the end of the month and only for that month's expenses, maybe you want to include only one user's expense or one category, etc.

For this purpose, the export function will use the Filters that you define in your expenses list and will export what you have asked for. This feature makes your business expenses to be incredible simple and fast to obtain: just export and you will see how much you have earned, how much you charged in taxes, etc.

Export expenses to CSV

The export function is available in the Expenses main list view both in the frontend and in the backend, as you can see here: