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Create and manage expenses

With Expense Manager you can easily create and manage your business or personal expenses with simplicity and with a lot of detail.


The frontend's main view includes all necessary information to simply create, edit and view the expenses, the categories and the accounts.

The New expense form is a very usable form which allows you to create a simple item with a single click from the main view and if it is required, it expands to show all its potential to customize the expense you are creating. It also has smart suggestions for new items based on previously created expenses.

In the list of expenses we have all the basic information of the expenses. It is customizable and we can hide or show part or them. There are also icons to edit the item selected of the list, view its full details, see when is the next time it repeats in case it is recurrent and download attachment if there is one available.

The filters for the items are AJAX-powered so applying them is very fast. Start typing an item name and see the list instantly filtered.

Within the page, there are also available the categories and the accounts that classifies the items

Expense Manager is integrated with Content Statistics to display graphic statistics and reports


The backend's interface is separated in three tabs: items, categories and accounts. Each one of them has the list of their elements. They are all editable and you can do multiple selections to work with them.

There are also filters available to filter by all relevant fields of an expense.