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Acvilla specialises in the provision of a comprehensive range of financial and corporate services from its head office in The Bahamas. Acvilla brings together a multi-disciplined team of qualified professionals specialising in Trust, Accounting, Brokerage, Fund Administration and Property matters, thus enabling Acvilla to offer an unparalleled level of experience and expertise of the broadest spectrum to meet client requirements. The size and structure of our Organisation permits our executives to deal with all client matters on an individual and personal basis.

At Acvilla, we know what it takes to build successful digital commerce.  Although we may appear as a new name in the market, we practically grew up in the internet commerce industry with our Acvilla e-Commerce services, the technology foundation for Acvilla.With over a decade of experience in online commerce earned by helping thousands of vendors grow their online business into internet successes, Acvilla  services are built on proven technology and demonstrated digital commerce expertise further leveraged with a partner ecosystem able to meet your evolving needs.

Our business model is built upon your success.  We work to be a trusted partner for solutions tailored to your digital commerce needs.   As commerce becomes social and more technology channels become available to the consumer and their purchases, open solutions are required that foster fast, easy and collaborative innovation in the purchase process.   Our flexible monetization solutions and open technology optimize customer touch points to create competitive advantage through commerce innovation.  

Acvilla becomes the revenue engine that enables you to capitalize on your company vision driving profitable business growth with a higher return on investment.   Grow your customer base by lowering barriers to purchase via Acvilla’s extensive marketing features and global payment processing ability. Capitalize on new opportunities by developing promotions, discounts and subscriptions that make it easier for customers to buy via Acvilla’s comprehensive start-to-finish transaction solution.   From Self Service Commerce to Full Service Commerce solutions, Acvilla has a solution to fit your needs leveraged by our Custom Commerce Best of Breed partners and Content Commerce solutions that monetize online content, SaaS and Cloud Services.

More than ever companies need to be able to quickly adapt business models to build competitive advantage through new approaches to markets.   Using Acvilla open architecture, you can optimize and scale the consumer experience in a compliant and secure business environment, meeting the vision of digital commerce anywhere, anyplace and anytime.   Acvilla, technology and expertise to make global digital commerce work.   Contact us today and let us work together to make it happen for you.



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What is Acvilla's Payment Procesor?

It is a payment processor that helps online stores accept payments on their websites. It s listed on your credit card statement because the merchant for your purchase uses 2CO to process credit card payments for its online store

Much like our customers, we started as a small company trying to create a thriving business online. We did so over the years simply by equipping online businesses to sell their products and services around the world. We believe in the entrepreneur and want to be a partner in your success.

Who we are and what we do.

At Acvilla, we're passionate about the opportunities we bring to our customers. Everyday our team works together to provide the best experience for our customers to grow their business.



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Important Info

Online Security and Protection

Once your e-Business takes off, you become the target of online fraud. Acvilla protects you around the clock.

Acvilla is PCI Compliant.  Learn why that's important for you and your business.


PCI Compliance
Buy and sell with confidence using Acvilla' PCI-compliant, safe secure hosted e-Commerce system. Windows, Vista, Mac and Linux friendly.

Fraud Protection
Acvilla has, over our 9-year history, developed a sophisticated, self-learning, fraud protection system. Combining the power of automated fraud detection, and the personal care of live fraud experts and monitors, we prevent fraud from impacting your business.

Copy Protection
Because you are selling through the Acvilla e-Business platform, there is no need for you to open a merchant account or deal with the complexities of business relationships with end payment processors like Visa and Mastercard.  We manage those complexities for you.

Data Ownership
Your shoppers belong to you, and you can market to them at any time using our robust Newsletter feature. Acvilla will never market to your shoppers without your express consent.

Server Stability
Acvilla maintains a multi-site, fully-synchronized and redundant infrastructure, split between two continents, designed to service your clients at any time from anywhere.

We Serve

  Integrating Payment Processor on your online store

-          Payments processing with all payment methods (Visa, Master, PayPal, American Express etc.)

-          Fraud processing for your payments

-          Technical solutions for any online store / web page

Total cost $199 One Time fee
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-          Online Chat Support for your needs / customers with complete technical solution

Total Cost $300 per year
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-          SEO service, submitting your page  every week in 100 TOP world search engines

Total Cost $150 per year GOOGLE 1 page listing Guarantee !!
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